Banc-Nana Gilbert

Reuniting with the Town of Gilbert, our team embarked on a thrilling venture, introducing our beloved Banc-Nana setup to the West Coast for its inaugural appearance. In this exciting collaboration, we crafted an immersive experience sure to delight visitors of all ages.

Picture this: a sprawling banana peel bench, beckoning passersby to take a seat and immerse themselves in whimsy. Nearby stands a smaller banana, proudly waving the pride flag—a vibrant symbol of inclusivity and celebration. But the true centerpiece of our installation? A magnificent mushroom-shaped music box, activated by the energy of those who turn its crank.

As visitors interact with our Banc-Nana setup, laughter and joy fill the air, making it not just a selfie station, but a hub of community engagement and excitement. Through this program, we aim to inspire creativity, foster connection, and spread positivity across the West Coast, one playful moment at a time.

Project Type

  • Public Art


  • Town of Gilbert

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