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What an amazing journey it’s been for LeMonde Studio in our first year! We’re absolutely thrilled by the incredible response to our new brand and products. It’s truly heartwarming to see how our idea, born during the Covid pandemic, has come to life and resonated with so many.

Who would’ve thought that from a simple idea, we could create our own unique line of products? Our goal was clear: to turn play into a source of positivity and good energy. And thanks to our dedicated team and innovative spirit, we’ve turned that dream into a joyful reality.

“Across nine states and spanning over 15 cities, this marks a remarkable milestone for LeMonde Studio as we celebrate our inaugural year in the United States. From bustling metropolises to quaint communities, we’ve encountered an overwhelming enthusiasm and a profound commitment to innovation. It’s evident that the USA and LeMonde Studio are embarking on an enduring journey together.”
Says Felix Marzell, President of LeMonde Studio.

We’re so grateful for the incredible support we’ve received as our presence continues to grow in New York, thanks in large part to the amazing backing of the various business improvement districts. Getting the chance to showcase our work at iconic sites like HYHK has been an absolute dream come true for us.

But what really fills our hearts with joy is the work we’ve been able to do in the Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens. Building bridges within the community is at the core of our mission, and the response to our installations has been nothing short of heartwarming. It’s truly overwhelming to see the positive impact our projects have had, and it inspires us to keep pushing forward.

“Collaborating with LeMonde Studio has truly revolutionized our BID. Traditionally, LeMonde’s exceptional work has been synonymous with the grandeur of Manhattan’s premier districts and select areas of Brooklyn and Queens. Introducing their breathtaking art installations to the Bronx has unlocked a realm of unparalleled experiences and community engagement in our district. Our partnership with the team has been nothing short of delightful, and we eagerly anticipate furthering our synergistic alliance with Nick and LeMonde at the 161st Street BID.”
Says Trey Jenkins, Executive Director of the 161st Street BID.

As we round off our first year, we’re thrilled by the amazing projects we’ve brought to life across the U.S. and Canada. From Arizona to New York, and from Quebec to British Columbia, our journey has been filled with gratitude and excitement.

The past few months have been just as exhilarating as the start of our journey. In Houston, we unveiled “Harmonies,” the culmination of years of passion and hard work. These 10 larger-than-life musical instruments, powered by human energy, have been a hit, creating a magical atmosphere with light and music, all while showcasing local talent. We’re incredibly thankful to the Houston Theater District for their invaluable partnership in making this project a reality.

This also marks the first North American stop for Light Lane. Following its resounding success in Singapore, our team has crafted 14 new and improved bikes. Each bike operates independently and projects custom images, with the option to customize both the music and bike color. Currently, we have two sets of bikes journeying across America: one in Jamaica, New York, and the other in Boston. Our next destination on the tour will be Tempe, Arizona, in April.

“We’re only getting started on exploring all the amazing possibilities. Our team is hard at work making our existing products even better and releasing new features to show off fresh opportunities. We’re really excited about the months ahead and can’t wait to share our vision for a greener, more enjoyable entertainment experience.”
Says Nick Synnott, COO and Managing Partner.

And last but certainly not least, we’re overjoyed to see our beloved Banc-Nana making its way across America. As one of our very first creations, it holds a special place in our hearts. Currently stationed in Providence, RI, the exhibit will soon be visiting Arizona and New York. We can’t wait to share its charm with even more communities along the way!

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