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As the sun finally shows its face over North America, our team takes one last moment to reflect on a busy winter of activations in all four corners of the continent. From launching our new product, VivaCity, at SXSW in Austin to the return of the Big Apple, this time at Lincoln Square, we had very little time to rest. We also designed a new winter festival brand, Boreal, two great sustainable programs at the Montreal Airport, a unique brand activation at the Grey Cup and multiple Holiday programs for cities.

It all started at the Grey Cup with NexGen and our partners, Inventa. We built four sustainable activations to celebrate their sponsorship of the CFL, but most importantly, share with the audience their responsible values and build excitement around the game in Regina. Our team designed three off-grid seesaws equipped with LEDs, a one-of-a-kind skill games area to challenge consumers’ football skills, a giant wooden football bench and the ultimate physical challenge.

Two human-powered football-shaped bikes were set up in front of a fancy goalpost. Users had to generate as much energy as possible, biking as fast as possible. The power generated through their constant effort was lighting up their side of a nearby upright, and the user fully lighting up their side of the goalpost was declared the winner.

In December, our now-famous Big Apple made its awaited return to New York City. Our team also set up a human-powered Christmas karaoke and a musical Tree around Lincoln Square for the occasion.
North of the border, our team was busy building the artistic direction of Montreal’s hottest new winter festival, Montreal Boreal. Our team oversaw the brand design and the event’s creative direction. While also producing various activations throughout the site, including a giant guitar slide, multiple LED star-shaped benches, a musical tree, a human-powered giant photo frame and a music box trail showcasing local musicians.

The Montreal Airport played host to two new installations, Re_Connect and Artbre. Re_Connect helps travellers charge their phones using one of the four bikes on-site while also playing a peaceful nature soundtrack. Artbre showcases YUL’s sustainable commitments using a human-powered mushroom-shaped music box set up under a custom-built tree.
To cap off a busy winter, our team headed to SXSW in Texas and launched our latest innovation, VivaCity, dressed up as a palm tree for the occasion. Based on the location and activation goal, the structure uses various green technologies, including solar panels, motion detection technology and a system of cranks to distribute a refreshing mist to anyone sitting under it. The unit is 100% off-grid and controls the mist level, factoring in the current temperature. The structure also has lights and speakers activated through the crank, adding to the immersive experience. Thank you to Telefilm Canada for inviting us to the Canada House.

“Climate change’s impact is not a problem for the future but an integral part of today’s reality. Let’s imagine the city of tomorrow with installations using games to raise awareness for Le Monde (the world).”
Felix Marzell, President and Founder of LeMonde Studio.

Written by Nicolas Synnott
Managing Partner and COO of LeMonde Studio

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