Mandated by Telefilm Canada to build the decor and experiences throughout the Canada House at SXSW, our team stayed true to the Canadian brand and its sustainability efforts while showcasing the unique Canadian balance between creativity, art and immersive entertainment. For the occasion, our team is launching our latest innovation, the Totem, dressed up for the event as a one-of-a-kind palm tree. Based on the location and activation goal, the structure uses various green technologies, including solar panels, motion detection technology and a system of cranks to distribute a refreshing mist to anyone sitting under it. The unit is 100% off-grid and controls the mist level, factoring in the current temperature. The structure also has lights and speakers activated through the crank, adding to the immersive experience. In addition to our Totem, our team has been busy redesigning some of our all-time favourite products, including several human-powered music boxes, our now-famous Mini Banc-Nana, the Fun-Gi, which took residence last summer at the Jardins de Metis and the always popular, hand-cranked photo booth to make sure each visitors remember their time at the Canada House for a long-time.

Project Type

  • Decor
  • Marketing Activation
  • Festival
  • Experience


  • Telefilm Canada
  • SXSW