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LeMonde Studio Inc., ex Dix au Carré inc.


Dix au Carré Annonces New Name, LeMonde Studio

Dix au Carré creates interactive spaces that allow you to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life thanks to a combination of art and technology.

Montreal, March 6th, 2023. Dix au Carré, the Montreal studio focused on large-scale interactive activations, public art, and engaging technologies, announced today that it had completed a significant rebranding. At the beginning of Covid-19 and the pandemic, the team focused heavily on R&D and new green technology battling the current climate change challenges while ensuring their installation stayed engaging and aesthetically pleasing.

After ten successful years, the Dix au Carré team is proud to announce a new American office in Austin, Texas, and its new name. LeMonde Studio is a movement towards greener entertainment combining art and sensible technology. Electrifying each activation by human power, the users are at the centre stage of the experience, building community bridges and teaching the actual value of energy.

In addition to the new office and name, the company is also introducing a new website, a new line of modular products designed for cities’ heat islands and public spaces and a new partner, Nicolas Synnott.

“Whether we like it or not, the world is changing, and urbanists face new challenges. Public spaces are affected by constant climate changes and are now becoming heat islands during the summer months. Our team spent the last three years focusing on finding solutions that would be artistically pleasing while fighting this problem. Our solution is modular and adaptable to any space. We are proud to offer our client’s mini sustainable parks”, said Felix Marzell, founder and president. “Nick is joining the team after 15 years of producing and designing some of the world’s largest campaigns and events. His global experience growing businesses in multiple markets simultaneously will be critical to our success in the next few years.”

Felix, on his end, will continue to lead our design and R&D team while spreading LeMonde Studio’s mission and values.

Visit to explore the new website, brand, and office.

About LeMonde Studio

LeMonde Studio’s clients are public organizations, governments, commercial spaces and brands looking for new ways to engage with their community and offer them a much-needed break from their fast-paced life. They offer design, production, and R&D solutions.

Media Contact:

Nicolas Synnott
Managing Partner and Chief Operating Officer