About LeMonde Studio

Conscience Art + Immersive Experiences

LeMonde Studio is a transformative movement toward green entertainment combining interactive art with sensible technology.

⇝ Create⚘ Sustain༄ Source⌁ Sparkܤ Harvest Good Energy

LeMonde Studio transforms natural environments + commercial spaces into the unimaginable.

LeMonde Studio is a movement toward greener entertainment combining art and sensible technology. Electrifying each activation by human power or green tech, we put the visitor at the centre stage of the experience, building community bridges and teaching the actual value of energy. Our clients are public organizations, governments, commercial spaces and brands looking for new ways to engage with their community and offer them a much-needed break from their fast-paced life.

We believe people are always on the lookout for new emotions and curiosity. Nobody wants to see the same piece for 20 years. Whatever how glorious it might be. Our business model revolves around this. We work with our clients on an ever-changing proposition by ensuring our pieces are modular and can evolve throughout the seasons or transform into a new piece with a different look and feel. Our designs are always available for rental, making them much more affordable. We are obviously always happy to work on permanent or semi-permanent projects.

LeMonde Studio was a pleasure to work with throughout the process of bringing the Big Apple to Hudson Yards. Not only was the Big Apple a beautiful and engaging way to activate our public space, but the installation and planning process was also smooth as there was a lot of support and communication from the LeMonde Studio team.

Bella Conway (she/her/hers)Marketing and Programming Manager, Hudson Yards Hell's Kitchen Alliance

Lemonde Studio has been excellent to work with over the past year. Its been a fun partnership between our business improvement district and the studio and it has really brought some cool and exciting activations to the 161st Street BID. We're looking forward to continuing this partnership in the future.

Trey Jenkins161 Street BID

It was wonderful and easy to work with LeMonde. The whole team is inspiring and responsive, and they made it so simple to bring public art pieces to our campus and city that surprised and delighted our communities.

Aaron Shackelford, Ph.D. (he/him/his)Duke Arts

The entire experience with LeMonde from start to finish was exceptional and their final installations exceeded expectations. The team is highly creative, visionary, flexible and professional making them the perfect team to execute unforgettable public art installations in your community.

Sydney Bethel Price, AICPGilbert Arizona